Templates: SC4B8250 | SC4B82B50

SC4B82 – Ball Bearing Swing Clear Hinge

Heavy Weight: 5″

PBB, Inc. template hinges are manufactured to close tolerances and meet all specifications and requirements set by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).

For use in hospitals, institutional or commercial type buildings for barrier-free environment. Wherever doors are required to meet barrier- free codes (ADA) or are required to swing completely clear of the openings so that wide equipment can pass through without damaging doors, frames or equipment, reducing opening maintenance.

  • All swing clear hinges are made for reversible applications
  • Designed to swing doors completely clear of the opening when door is opened 95º.
  • When opened 90º door projects 11/64” past stop of jamb.
  • For use on channel iron or pressed steel jambs.
  • For heavy weight doors recieving high frequency service in hospitals or institutions.
  • For hospital type, add HT to suffix of part number.
  • All hinges are ANSI template.

SC4B82: Available Materials

SC4B82 (ANSI A8221)
Steel-Polished and Plated or Bonderized and Prime Coated for Painting

SC4B52 (ANSI A8221)
Stainless Steel-Polished and Satin Finish

SC4B82: Product Specifications

.190 ± .005 for 5”

Minimum Clearance Required
Dimension “A” (inches) 2-1/8”

NOTE: Specify square or beveled when ordering product.

5.00 (+.000/-.015) for 5”
JAMB LEAF FHMS – 1/2” x 1/4-20
DOOR LEAF FHWS – 12 x 1-1/2”
DOOR LEAF FHMS – 12-24 x 1/2”
One hinge per plastic bag, 3 hinges and 1 screw pack per unit carton.
11 unit carton or 33 hinges per master shipping carton.
1 screw pack includes all machine screws (24), and 1/2 wood screws (12).