Finish Info

US3 632/605 Bright Brass

US4 633/606 Satin Brass

US5 638/609 Antique Brass

US10 639/612 Satin Bronze

US10A 641/615 Antique Bronze

US10B 640/613 Dark Bronze Waxed

US15 646/619 Satin Nickel

US15A 647/620 Antique Nickel

US26 651/625 Bright Chrome

US26D 652/626 Satin Chrome

US32D 630 Satin Stainless

689 Aluminum Powder Coat

694 Medium Bronze Powder Coat

695 Dark Bronze Powder Coat

800 Black Powder Coat

Finishes shown will not match actual colors delivered, due to differences in monitor and printer calibration.